What is the best dog for allergy sufferers?

All cats and dogs are allergenic (allergy-causing) to people who are allergic to animals. Cats tend to be more allergenic than dogs for allergic people, although some people are more sensitive to dogs than cats. Contrary to popular belief, there are no “non-allergenic” breeds of dogs or cats; even hairless breeds may be highly allergenic. Dogs with soft, constantly-growing hair—the Poodle or the Bichon Frise, for example—may be less irritating to some individuals, although this may be because they are bathed and groomed more frequently. One dog or cat of a particular breed may be more irritating to an individual allergy sufferer than another animal of that same breed. HSUS.Org

What type of dog should I get?

So You Think You Want A….. A breed is more than it looks. Get the real story! So you think you want an Akita, Beagle, German Shepherd find out more about your favorite breed.

What is the best dog food for my puppy?

There are many varieties of dog food on the market. One important item is to make sure the first ingredient is meat, chicken, turkey, lamb or beef, also to make sure there is no more than 20% fat. Dog Food What is Barf? Barf Diet

My puppy is throwing up what should I do?

Answer by vets and vet techs

Do you think it could be Parvo?

Parvovirus is a viral disease of dogs. It affects puppies much more frequently than it affects adult dogs. The virus likes to grow in rapidly dividing cells. The intestinal lining has the biggest concentration of rapidly dividing cells in a puppy’s body. The virus attacks and kills these cells, causing diarrhea (often bloody), depression and suppression of white blood cells — which come from another group of rapidly dividing cells. In very young puppies it can infect the heart muscle and lead to “sudden” death. This is a very serious disease. Some puppies infected with parvovirus will die despite prompt and adequate treatment. While no extremely accurate statistics are available, a good guess is probably that 80% of puppies treated for parvovirus will live. Without treatment, probably 80% or more of the infected puppies would die.

My dog is lost what do I do?

First call your local animal shelter and give them a description of your dog, send a picture if you can or best yet go look in person the staff at shelters are overworked and sometimes are not sure what dogs have been brought in. Next make fliers of your dog and post them at your local, vets, grocery stores and on signs around your neighborhood. ALWAYS make sure your dog has on a collar with your phone number and address on. Many dogs are euthanized every day because their owners could not find them in time.

My dog ate something poisonous what do I do?

Call your vet to determine if you need to take your dog in to their office to be checked. If you can’t get your vet call poison control 888-426-4435. Common household items that can hurt your pet.