If you have lost a pet in Douglas County, please go to the Douglas County Animal Shelter immediately to look for the pet and continue to come every three days until the pet is found. Also view the Petfinder list of pets at the shelter — but you will still need to come to our shelter in person at least every three days to see if he/she is here. Also please note that your lost pet maybe pictured on Petfinder with a different name.

Douglas County Animal Shelter

1755 County Services Road(adjacent to the Cedar Mtn Landfill)
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.942.5961 – Fax: 770.942.5914

Increase the chance of a happy reunion with your pet. Answer the questions below to submit a listing of your missing animal.  We will post out on Facebook, Twitter, email out and notify the shelter.

Need address or general area, including circumstances if possible.
Date and time the animal went missing
Size, Weight, Color
If yes please email them to info@douglascountyhumanesociety.org and to animalshelter@co.douglas.ga.us